Thursday, 22 December 2011


                   Alien Foundling.        

What caring being would dump a offspring on the streets of  London ?

Photographed in Waltham Cross,  spilt paint pealing in the debris on a pavement at 
  the end of the High Street

Sunday, 11 December 2011

december 11th: Giles Babel - Poptarts and Battleships

Giles Babel - Poptarts and Battleships

i've just put the finishing touches on this, the first track from the new Giles Babel EP "programmed to prevent war", ahead of me even completing the first EP.

this is only a few basic samples slung together with a couple of clips ripped from youtube, taking it back to basics for this one, ahead of getting a little bit more experimental again.

created by Glen Byford, completed on December 11th


Stu's View,  Boris, Acrylic on recycled Hardboard 8x8

As Ian jests on his blog about his brother hiking up the M1.
Boris Johnson is planing some hiking of his own,
our bus and tube fares here in London are going up in the new year.
Ken will tell you all about it.  
Come on Boris talk to Ken we need some thing too
liven up the TV programs over Christmas.