Tuesday, 30 July 2013

July 30th 2013: Lungful of Liqueur (Single)

Following the release of the debut album, Anubis Horror, in June 2013, comes the latest single release, accompanied by brand new tracks created especially for this release.

Lungful of Liqueur is a late night tale of being too fueled by alcohol to sleep and wanting to shake up the world from the confines of your own bed and your own mind, and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

I met her in Rattlers - part 1 is a poem written after a night in one of Enfield's worst night spots, having nowhere better to have gone and hoping we wouldn't bump into anyone we knew, San Miguel and Sunsets is a new track capturing an Ibizan vibe and named after an evening spent at Cafe Del Mar and final track, Bleed Me, is another spirit-aided poem, twisted and distorted into a disturbingly atmospheric piece of music.


released 29 July 2013

All words and lyrics written by Glen Byford, all music arranged by Glen Byford.

July 30th 2013: super

i woke up today with the intention of getting loads of stuff done

it started well, working on music and getting stuff very close to finished

then the internet decided it didnt want to let me try and further myself journalistically, orblet me check my emails, and then it frustrated me that the house was a mess and i had to get it tidied

and then i decided to sit down and try and forget abut all my worries while i put together the Superman Lego set that my best friend bought me for my birthday

followed by a nap, i think it definetly helped

Photo taken by Glen Byford using an apple ipad and edited using Aviary, July 30th 2013

Saturday, 27 July 2013

July 27th 2013: Estate Agents

Having jumped on the train heading in the wrong direction from West Brompton, we found ourselves having to jump off at Fulham Broadway and cross the platform to get ourselves back on track

I'm glad we did, otherwise i wouldn't have seen this faded estate agents advertisement on the stations crossing

Photo taken by Glen Byford using a HTC Desire C and edited using Aviary, July 27th 2013

July 27th 2013: Godzilla

Many of the stalls at Earls Court's Hyper Japan exhibition were packed out with collectable figures, including a fine selection of Godzillas and friends

Photo taken by Glen Byford using a HTC Desire C and edited using Aviary, July 27th 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013

July 8th 2013: We Jammin'

my girlfriend, in her parents back garden, enjoying a rendition of Bob Marley on the ukelele and a BBQ as the sun goes down

Photo taken by Glen Byford, using a HTC Desire C and edited using Aviary and Instagram, 8th July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hunchbakk's Anubis Horror, out now.

Its been a hive of industry at home lately, 
Ian's had his head down in the laptop, 
beavering away at the art work for his brothers 
coming book, Downloading Nirvana.
at the same time working on images for 
with midnight phone calls for
next-day photo shoots, a proper art studio
with last minute changes, deadlines and 
more changes, its all completed now.
As a dad it's been great seeing the boys 
working as a team again, something
they do regularly. 

Welldone Boys.