Monday, 11 April 2011

Standing Room Only

Monday to Friday

I have been lucky I have never had to ride that imaginary train to hell every day. My work as always had its rewards, monetary and friendship, I suppose must come at the top,and  their was the perks, dose this make it gold plated, beginning to sound that way, those perks all the paper I ever needed for the boys to drawer and right on, all off cuts destined for the waste bin. Also we had heaps of pallets again for the boys, to play on, along side their climbing frame. 
Such memories of fun its all in past now but not forgotten.


  1. i still wonder if my new garden needs a pirate ship every time i see an abandoned pallet laying around...

  2. The power of imagination.
    Tell the girl friend it’s a Nail Bar
    then you can have the pallets in the
    garden, the Jolly Roger might
    be a giver way. A Pirate Nail Bar ?