Friday, 22 July 2011

july 22nd: Hunchbakk / Ian Byford Art - SoundArt9

SoundArt9 by Hunchbakk / Ian Byford Art

this has taken far too long to get finished, according to the data connected to it, it was last updated two years ago.  has it really been two years since i made a start on this? that can't be right can it?

anyway, computer fails and crashes kept me from completing it, and after getting finished on my latest track under the Giles Babel guise, i thought i should go back and try and get this one sorted so that the SoundArt project can inch closer to being closed.

giving it another listen after all this time, i decided that it really didn't need to much work done to it, i did originally want to make the track longer, but hearing it with fresh ears, and when collected with the last two tracks that were considerably lengthier, i decided that would leave it as it was around the minute mark, and just tweaked a couple of samples that i had prepared to use for it.

Artwork by Ian Byford
music created by Glen Byford, completed on July 22nd

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