Friday, 26 August 2011

No sign of things changing

The hoarding may possibly  of changed by now, the pub sign I doubt it
and the litter will have just blown away.


  1. particularly like the pub sign and the angle of it, where is that?

    and is the hoarding beneath the train bridge near theobalds grove station?

    i love how the ordinary can become art when looked at as something new, as art or as a new perspective that you may have missed

  2. Hi Glen the pub sign is The Red Cow at the bottom of Windmill Lane,
    I wonder if it will get a facelift for the Olympics.

    Yes the hoarding is at Theobalds

    The hole in the wall is in Hatton Road, Cheshunt.
    talking to sue yesterday she lives round the corner
    at that end of Cheshunt , they calls it, hat an coat.