Wednesday, 12 January 2011

january 12: the day we found out grandad had been flytipped

it was just under the flyover that we found him

upturned and half-out of his usual chair

along with a handful of belongings

and photos that had addorned walls

he looked dazed, confused by it all

the poor old sod

with remote control in hand and a furrowed brow

eyes fixed on the same telly that had seen him through the past fifteen years

now smashed and propped upon a pile of breezeblocks

and he greeted us with very little fanfare

merely stating that the reception for channel five was the worst it had ever been

i felt inspired to write this after glancing over the photo posted by my brother yesterday, and by the hand full of other photos that he featured on his own blog

written by Glen Byford, January 12th 10.23am

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