Friday, 7 January 2011

january 7: this n that

the intention was just to post one photo a day, somedays it had been hard to find something worthy a quick snapshot, but today, out in the daylight for a change, a lot more things opened themselves up to me with opportunities of interesting shots, i did restrain myself, but thought i would share these two since they are so different from each other

january 7th 11:18am
first i spotted the row of giraffe-like lamp posts that were lined up, stretching into the distance towards Waltham Cross

january 7th 11:19am
and secondly, it struck me that i never really take photos of shops, they just seem to be such an unexciting part of our surroundings that they just aren't worth bothering with when they are there, but become much more interesting when looking back on the way things were

very few shops survive very long on this corner, so i thought i may as well preserve the memory of the rather odd and uninviting little shop

taken by Glen Byford using a Casio Exilim EX-Z60, January 7th

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