Thursday, 10 March 2011

march 10th: Giles Babel - the road to nanda parbat

i started this track on sunday after both tracks were thrown up by my shuffle while cycling home

Giles Babel - the road to nanda parbat

i finished the track today

an attempt at ambient hip-hop. a little rough around the edges, but what's the point of being experimental if you can't experiment...
sampling Troubles and Usher

created by Glen Byford, completed on March 10th


  1. Thought about you a couple of weeks a go when they had a piano in the pdsa shop £125 went down to £110 it was not to big was tempted to buy if it had gone down a little more .......... . a lot of ifs and may be's...
    Liked the track a lot of memories tide up in the tinkling of the ivories

  2. don't know if dig would have been too pleased if i introduced a piano into the house, perhaps if i ever get the hang of playing it would be a worthwhile investment...