Wednesday, 16 March 2011

writing reviews all his life

                                        May be his first review from 18 /20 years ago.  

Glen has always supported local good causes and  had the ability to get his thoughts down on paper.
Since his teenage years Glen has followed the  London and more local Enfield music seen.
For a good few years Glen has been reviewing the for mentioned music in the Enfield Advertiser. 
Gaining many friends and helping many more start networking and supporting each other. I don't know about you but I remember being young when starting to make my own way and gaining confidence was all helped by local bands and the friends made on nights out.           
Enfield's  Artist in all genre need help in keeping the flow of information to and from all corners of Enfield.
This is part of that so called BIG society of  Which we at some time  need help from

Glen Writes 

living for The Weekender

when i first caught wind that The Weekender, the entertainment section of The Enfield Advertiser, was under threat things were a little bit hush hush... but word gets around doesn't it. 

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