Monday, 10 June 2013

June 10th 2013: mother

today's prompt.... mother

hmmmmm, i've already done a photo of a photo

i guess i could sneak round to my mums and take a photo of her, but that seem a bit too obvious...

mother nature? mother earth? mother theresa?


hang on, in my found filing cabinet, as i was clearing it out i came across a Next giftcard (with nothing on it), some homework, and a little laminated Mary and Jesus (i think), hence why the filing cabnet is called my Jesus cabinet (although i don't often call it that)

Mary and Jesus still reside in the cabinet

time to take them out and give them their time in the spotlight (literally)

Photo taken by Glen Byford using an ipad and edited using Aviary and XnView FX, 10th June 2013

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