Friday, 21 June 2013

June 19th 2013: Toy

today's prompt... toy

but i've only just taken a photo of a toy!?

perhaps I should plan ahead, but nevermind, let's just approach this from a different angle

I'm a massive geek and have got plenty of toys hanging around the house, many are up in the geek room, and since I've put the loft ladder back up I couldn't really be bothered to head up there

what have I got just hanging around the front room?

of course I have a large Batman figure standing watch over my front room from the top of the TV set

I took a few moody looking shots

but then I thought that maybe I should approach this from a different angle

so I took a photo of my Batman toy from a different angle

Photo taken by Glen Byford, using an ipad and edited using Aviary, 19th June 2013

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