Sunday, 16 June 2013

June 16th 2013: child

todays prompt... child

for fear of repeating ideas over and over, i had to think a little harder today, so i ascended into my geek room for a few new ideas

the idea was to take a handful of pictures of toys thati had as a child, some that i have kept since then, and others that i am searching for in charity shops and at car boot sales inorder to recapture my youth

the photo i settled on is a shot of some hand-me-down Star Wars toys, most prominent in shot is Wicket the Ewok and Luke Skywalker's helmet when he is disguised as a Stormtrooper (Luke himself has been M.I.A for a very long time, i hope he turns up one day), originally belonging to my cousins, they were passed down to me and my brother and stayed with me since.

Photo taken by Glen Byford using an ipad and edited using Aviary and XnView FX, 16th June 2013

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